Boost by UrsaDSP

Pro Dyamics With an Upward Focus

Coming from UrsaDSP, Boost is a revolutionary upwards limiter that gives you new ways to control the dynamics of your audio without forcing you to accept distortion.

Boost’s high-fidelity sound and Focus control reveal new depth to your mix – on tracks, group busses and the master bus.

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Boost In Action

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“I’m addicted to BOOST! It truly is musical, creative, mind blowing, dangerous and MY NEW GOTO dynamic processor.”

Dave Pensado | Grammy Award Winning Audio Engineer



Cutting-Edge Technologies

  • UrsaDSP’s Trajectory Technology prioritizes fidelity at every step
  • Transparent True-Peak limiting using Boost’s Clarity true-peak detector
  • Reveal hidden details in audio using the Focus control
  • Boost your stereo image using the new Mid/Side mode
  • Preserve stereo image using the channel link control
  • Make sounds punch above their level with the drive and emphasis controls
  • Preserve reverb tails with the Max Gain control
  • Parallel compress with latency compensated Dry /Wet

Precise Control for Loudness and Peak Levels

With Boost, unlike other limiters, you’re not forced to smother your mix in character just to get it loud. Boost’s unique Trajectory technology keeps your audio clean and distortion free.

Or if you need character, use the Emphasis control to enhance psychoacoustic loudness of transients without increasing the peak level. So for the first time, you can control perceived loudness and peak level independently.

I’m Hidden!

Original Track


Upward Limit


Upward Limit


Upward Limit

Drums by Ryan Aston | Recorded at Sonic One
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“The plugin is one of those rare beasts where you can bring up the room OR bring out the transients. I love it!!”

Tim Hamill | Sonic One Studio


Eliminate Clipping with True Peak Control

No matter how much gain reduction you apply you’ll never get any clipping.

Boost can even eliminate inter-sample overs. These cause DACs to distort, create artifacts during compression and unexpectedly trigger loudness restrictions on streaming platforms. The clarity true-peak detector* removes inter-sample overs whilst maintaining boost’s hallmark super low distortion without changing the sound of your mix.

*new in Boost Revision B

Comparison Graph between Industry Leader vs Ursa DSP Boost showing peak control
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“Amazing control over dynamics and space – Boost has a feature set un-matched by other dynamics processors”

Adam Goodlet | Re:Creation Studio


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Trajectory and the Future of Dynamics

Despite the invention of DSP, most plugin compressors mimic technology from 60 years ago.

Some plugins have added lookahead, but still use the same basic principles with all their limitations, distorting the transients as they react.

Trajectory goes back to the original requirement – controlling audio level – and uses fresh techniques that are only possible with modern digital signal processing. Instead of forever playing catchup when the audio hits a transient, Trajectory is already allowing for it and plotting the right curve to gracefully and musically process your audio.

With Boost, you can separate volume from distortion. For the first time you’re not forced to smother your mix in character just to get it to broadcast standard levels, leaving you free to choose how your music will sound.